Sunday, March 14, 2010

Contemporary Ladies

Tonight Meredith and I were invited to dinner by our close friends Kevin and Ashley. Ashley is one of those rare young modern women who, like my beautiful fiance, contains a rare yet distinguished sense of class, style and grace bragged about by parents and grandparents everywhere with phrases such as "when I was a child" or "there was a sense of etiquette, blah, blah, blah". Upon arrival, Kevin (like a gentleman), picked us up from the train station, and delivered us safely through the rain. We were greeted by an open (literally) door, drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Marinated mushrooms, grilled eggplant, prosciuto, cheeses, and a mini caprese well arranged on a platter. The table had already been set, and we enjoyed each other's company in the living room before eating. The ladies retired briefly to the kitchen to finish the meal while the gentlemen finished a drink (I like not cooking once and a while!). When sitting at the table, Ashley, the hostess took the end closest to the kitchen, I on her right, and so forth in proper form.

Dinner was a beautiful pork chop seared and cooked with tomato, capers, fennel and lemon essence. It was served with crushed new potatoes seasoned nicely, and a couple of bottles of Merlot from Tuscany (well paired, I might add). It was a wonderful evening guided by friendship, a great cook, terrific conversation, and yes, etiquette. Not "in your face" etiquette, but assumed and natural. Even in 2010 there exists young ladies and gentlemen who appreciate social form and manners. You don't need to be at a fancy dinner party with "adults" (I'm obviously still a kid:)) to enjoy this. Ladies such as Meredith and Ashley emerge from the post-extreme feminist past and bring a sense of traditional feminine charm to an equal and free future. It is an honor to marry a lady of this upbringing, and to be in the presence of many the same. Thanks for a wonderful evening!


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