Friday, September 28, 2012

To be continued....

Forgive me father, it has been two years since my last post.  Much has changed, much has stayed the same, and I feel a great change is imminent (my wife's fortune cookie this week agrees with me).

I have opened a restaurant on South Street, had a son (Charlie, 8 mos.), and have moved twice.  The One Legged Chef took a hiatus, but something inside me stirs.  It is as if something has re-sparked, and it is a good feeling.  It's as if something new is evolving, but I already know what it is.  Born again?  Not really.  Wouldn't that imply that something has died?  Nothing has died.  There is only new life, and this is what I want to give to The One Legged Chef.  A new life.

I will leave this post short, with a promise to return quickly.  I also will begin more posts on my facebook page, which I encourage all of you to check out.