Monday, February 22, 2010

Check Your Fly

I love my fiancee for infinite reasons. One humble reason is that she knows me so well that she can see my small, quirky and often inane mistakes and, if necessary, will correct them...sometimes before they even happen. Some of you, readers, might think "that would drive me crazy! Like someone is breathing down my neck!" But for those of you who are in love, you don't even think in that direction. When you have truly found that life partner, these helpful hints become a blessing.

Now specifically, one of my big ones is the fly unzipped. Awful. I remember when I was a kid my grandfather Si Si (opposite of No No, or grandpa in Italian...he preferred Yes Yes!) constantly suffered this malady, but, although he tried several times, never quite found that companion to give him that advice just when he needed it. Ie, before going out in public! He was a famous author and professor and one of the most brilliant men I have known, and his head was always full of ideas and refelctions...probably not leaving much space to remember the simple things, like zipping up. I think a lot too. I am not a professor, but am writing a book... I like to think I have a lot going on upstairs, and that forgetting occasionally to button my fly might be the result as well!

Now that Lent has begun, I have tried to consider the man I am and what God would like me to concentrate on. Not biting fingers, going on a diet, or something deeper! I decided to try and cut cursing out of my daily usage. Growing up professionally in kitchens has left my vocabulary nothing short of piratical. But, considering Si Si and my own disposition, I realize I cannot just "remember" to stop swearing. In order to stop, I have to concentrate on being a better person, therefore more polite in public, and therefore not swearing. This, I believe, can apply for all things. If I wanted to diet, I would have to concentrate on being a better person, therefore respecting my health and body, and therefore dieting! Lent is not about giving something up, but about being better. Respecting this sorrowful time in the Church's calendar and remembering that we are not always great. That sometimes we have to look at ourselves and remember that we are free. And with freedom, as they say, comes responsibility (do they say that? Maybe they do.) Be responsible and be a better person. It's that simple. Check your fly.


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