Sunday, February 28, 2010

How To Introduce Oneself at a Party

I attended an amazing Adult Forum this morning before my regular Sunday 11 o'clock church service. Amazing because its had me thinking all day. A wonderful professor, whom I'll call Beverly asked the question: "How do you introduce yourself at a party?" Quickly, a friend of mine replied "my name is Kent, and I am a carpenter." He is in fact not a carpenter, but he clarified the point by adding "Americans always say their name and what they do". Americans are obsessed with wealth and how much money other people make. After learning ones profession, the American automatically figures out the next logical much the person makes. Another parishoner offered it might be easier to skip the name and job and just give people a number!

I know its uncomfortable to hear this simple insight into American pop culture. But is there other ways to introduce yourself more clearly? If you are a Christian do you way, "my name is Charles and I am a child of God and a forgiven sinner?" Well there is nothing wrong with it, but its funny that the latter question makes people more uncomfortable than some 26 year old blond Hollywood leach asking "I my name is Barbie, what kind of car do you drive?"

I prefer to allow people the benefit choosing how they wish to introduce themselves, but be careful when the next guy who comes up to you at a party with "hi I'm Jeremy! Want to see my new Rolls?" I recommend getting more punch instead.


Beverly and my fellow parishoners have inspired my blog today.


  1. Damn, that's what I missed by having tea at Starbucks!! Sounds VERY interesting!

  2. Tell me next time, Garth! I'll bring tea for you!

  3. I never start off with Hi I am dan and I am a lawyer, nor do I ask this. I have spent time in DC on capitol hill where power is like money, the question always asked in a modified version was: So who do you work FOR? When I would say the name of my firm (one of the largest and most dominant law firms in the entire world), they would actually stop talking to me, once they figured out I wasn't someone who could help advance their own career/power.

    It was a mighty lesson, one I've never forgotten.