Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tentative Mission: Haiti

Through sources and friends of my co-author, (and originally a great idea of my father), I have begun to think about a trip to Haiti. One of the most common injuries during the earthquake were crush wounds delivered by falling debris, including mostly buildings. These do not leave simple fractures or simple breaks, but bones are crushed and, in many cases, irreparably. This of course leads to amputations.

After two years in French-speaking Africa, I can communicate pretty well. Well enough, I think, to talk to people about their lives, past and future. More importantly, I was a child amputee. Granted, I was not caught under a falling apartment building without warning, but I understand these things: poverty, pain and hopelessness. I am interested in spending time in Haiti for this reason. I can have the opportunity to show children that they have a future. In a poverty stricken and politically hopeless situation like that in Haiti, it is extremely important that the new generations learn from the mistakes of their elders. I am not blaming the government for the earthquake, but I do blame them for attempting to tax entire plane shipments of aid from the US and others.

With the formation of the Community of American and Caribbean States (sans United States) during the summit in Cancun, our neighbors in the southern hemisphere are becoming more united in the hopes of a stronger political and economic future. Haiti needs to get back in the politcal sphere. It is understandable that after close to 300,000 deaths, such a poor country needs time to recuperate, but I believe that any bit of help pushing hope will help to give a positive example future Haitian leaders.

The children of the world are everyone's first priority, or they at least should be. I want mine to include those I can help with my background: amputee and mediocre French speaker. I am still waiting to hear, but this would be a excellent chance to witness this tragedy and allow me to do something positive for children who deserve it. Let's wait and see!


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  1. Wow Charlie that's so great!
    I think you could be an inspiration to all those children who have suffered from amputation.

    Love the blog!